Hero Barn 2020 Animal Statistics


HERO Barn stands to serve God through the rescue of kill pen horses and help all children and creatures, by establishing an environment for children to develop coping skills, build self-esteem, become empowered, and triumph over chronic illness, anxiety, depression, homelessness, and many other conditions. We use social emotional learning techniques with our animal assisted activity program.


Hero Barn, a non-profit horse rescue organization, exists to provide rescue and rehabilitation of unwanted horses, in part, through establishing mutually beneficial relationships with children. Everyone getting what they need to be successful in LIFE.


To provide Equine rescue, rehabilitation,  education and a community that respects and protects equine.

To teach our community animal care and to show our community the unconditional love and acceptance that equines offer.


To provide our community with volunteer opportunities. To provide the equines in our care the best possible life. To provide a place for our community to appreciate and learn about equines.