Our Horses


Silver is a grey 21-year-old quarter horse that was donated to HERO Barn’s riding program from the Becker family. He was previously a dressage horse, trail horse, and did parades! Silver is overly sweet and in-your-pocket friendly. He loves to get his face scratched! We are so excited to have him as our first lesson horse! Silver is a Hero Barn horse and will not be adopted out.

Sirius Black

Sirius is an 18 year old Missouri Fox Trotter gelding who came to us from Texas. He was donated to our program.We are so happy to have this sweet gentle boy. He is in good health and loves attention. Haley is working with him and evaluating him for our riding program. So far he has a fabulous fast forward gait and easygoing attitude!


Jazmine is on loan to HERO from 8 year old Piper Hunt. Jazmine is a very sweet and gentle 30+ year old Hackney pony mare. Jazmine's small size and calm manner makes her perfect for learning how to groom and handle a horse..She loves attention, but due to her advanced age she no longer carries riders. She loves cookies!

Frankie (formerly Hero)

Frankie was rescued by HERO Barn from a kill pen in Oklahoma. We originally wanted him as our mascot but he has some medical issues and is very frightened of people. We will continue to make him feel safe and cared for and address his medical issues. He is adorable and is slowly building trust. Frankie was named after a special HERO Barn volunteer who worked with him and sadly passed away.


Argo is an 8 year old tobiano Missouri Foxtrotter. He was rescued by the Becker family in 2016. He is full of personality and loves attention. He is very friendly and loves children. He has been trained in primarily English, but can be ridden Western as well. Argo's favorite thing to do is go on trail rides. Argo is Haley's personal horse, but has been leased to HERO Barn for our lesson program. 


Atlas is a mini shetland pony. We dont know his age but he is spunky and healthy so we are assuming he is young. Atlas is about 34 inches tall and is very curious! We will be working with Atlas this spring to evaluate him for our mascot !

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