Our Services

Horse Rescue

One of HERO Barn's main goals is to provide second chances to horses that were previously at auctions, other rescues, or kill pens. We rehabilitate these horses to adopt out to their new forever homes or integrate them into our lesson programs.


Therapeutic Riding

HERO Barn's Therapeutic Riding program offers individuals with physical and mental disabilities to experience the unconditional love and healing power of horses. Examples of physical and mental disabilities include, but are not limited to: autism, depression, anxiety, cerebral palsy, ADHD, PTSD, etc.

This program is taught by a therapeutic riding instructor.

Healing With Horses

HERO Barn targets children with chronic illness.  Healing with Horses encourages these kids to visit with horses, even if they don't want to ride. They will be taught how to groom and care for horses, as tolerated, to produce a calming and healing atmosphere mutually beneficial to both parties. HERO Barn would give children a chance to be inspired by recovering horses, volunteers or service providers (farriers, trainers, veterinarians, etc.), a mascot, and maybe even Haley herself. HERO Barns barn cats, barn dog, mascot mini horse and a few rescue small animals would also be available on barn visits to cuddle, snuggle, and love. Research has shown how beneficial animals are in the treatment of pain, anxiety and depression.

Adopt A Horse

HERO Barn has available horses up for adoption, who have been rehabilitated and approved for re-homing. Interested parties must request an application, which will be closely evaluated. HERO Barn is selective over where our horses will end up, and applicants must be their new forever home.

Horse Boarding

COMING SOON! Fill out the form on our home page to be added to our wait list.

Regular Riding Lessons

Don't have a physical or mental disability? That's fine! We still offer lessons to riders from beginner to intermediate. $35/lesson