Some Fun Facts About Miniature Horses

In the spirit of rescuing our miniature horse Hero, here are some fun facts about minis that you might not know!

- Miniature foals weigh between 12 and 15 pounds at birth.

- As early as the 1950’s, minis were used in the mines to haul the goods out of the mines, as horses and drafts were too large to fit into the crawl spaces.

- Minis have been known to serve many of the same purposes as service dogs! They have been known to be used for the blind, as well as serve as therapy animals in hospitals or nursing homes!

- Minis can pull 3-4 times their weight, which means they are stronger than draft horses in terms of amount of body weight they can pull.

- The average life span is 30 years, but they have been known to live well into their 50’s.

- Despite their small size, minis are considered small horses, not ponies.

- Minis come in every possible horse color!

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