What Is Being Chronically Ill? How Does It Affect A Child's Mental Health?

A chronic illness is defined as an illness that lasts for a long time and typically can't be cured. However, it may be manageable. With some illnesses, you can return to daily activities, while others it may be difficult. It is crucial to know that some chronic conditions come with invisible side effects and obstacles, and the person may appear to be perfectly healthy.

At any age, dealing with a chronic illness can be tough. But imagine being just a child, and having to cope with daily nausea, fatigue, isolation, and pain. People with chronic illness are two times more likely to develop a mental illness as well.

Psychological difficulties experienced by children with chronic illness include:

  • persistent worries and fears about the illness and its long-term effects

  • fear of dying

  • fear of the hospital or medical procedures

  • persistent sadness, anger, irritability, or excessive moodiness

  • changes in self esteem

  • concerns about physical appearance and body image issues

  • behavior problems

  • social difficulties, especially getting teased

HERO Barn stands to serve as an outlet for children's mental health. Horses can have a huge impact on a child's well being. They provide a safe space, a shoulder to cry on, a listening ear, and a judgement-free atmosphere. They can brighten someone's mood as soon as they are near. They can make the angriest people calm.

As HERO Barn rescues horses from slaughter, children can see that horses need healing too. Horses get scared, and angry, and sad. They are often on a similar journey as you. A child's touch serves just as much comfort to the horse as the horse does to the child.


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